Michael C. Ruppert s’est enfui au Venezuela

Michael C. Ruppert, l’auteur de "Crossing the Rubicon", dont le premier tome existe depuis quelques mois en français, s’est enfui au Venezuela, à Caracas.

C’est ce que l’on apprend dans sa dernière newsletter.

Apparemment, et on pourra retracer l’histoire en détails maintenant, puisque le site est désormais ouvert à tous librement, Michael Ruppert, l’un des rares et vigoureux opposants au régime terrorisant de la clique Bush, a dû quitter le sol de son pays, les Etats-Unis, où il ne fait plus bon vivre pour les citoyens qui clament et vivent haut et clair la liberté de pensée et de parole.

Il est encore en vie, et c’est une bonne nouvelle, et grâce à internet, il peut toujours communiquer dans le monde entier et demander aussi de l’aide dans son combat exemplaire.

Voici un copier-coller de cette newsletter dans laquelle il rapporte son nouveau séjour à Caracas, ainsi que les exactions des agents de la CIA/FBI qui le traquent, lui volent son argent et copient les données de son ordinateur personnel.

Saluons un grand Résistant, un être libre et un grand citoyen, qui fait honneur à ce qui il y a de plus noble en l’Homme.

La newsletter :


Adventures and fun in Venezuela

"I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money"
- Pablo Picasso

Thanks to the numerous donations from my loyal support and earnest followers, I am now able to live fairly well here.

You may have noticed that you can enter our members area for free now. I am certain that this was due to FBI and CIA involvement. Agents (one of which was an attractive young lady) masqueraded as a mariachi band at a local dineria that I happen to frequent. It is no secret that I go there often, and order my pitcher of cerveza and fish tacos nightly, and frolic with the staff and customers.

Soon after the usual festivities began, I noticed that the female agent was attempting to make conversation with me, and was showing particular interest in my laptop case. While she was gazing away, I noticed a shiny implement in her ample cleavage that could only be the glint of an FBI badge. I immediately knew her for what she was - a spy. I was tempted to reach out and grab the badge in disgust, but realized that I shouldn’t be so obvious about this - I would play it my way.

Then she ran off with my laptop case, and I tried to give chase, but, I wasn’t myself and she made off with my laptop and all of my on-hand cash. I eventually gave up, and walked back, only to discover that my laptop case was sitting next to my chair. Upon reflection, realized that the CIA/FBI downloaded everything from my laptop and returned it before I got back minutes later.

What I need now is more money for a new, more secure laptop, and money to ferret out the girl who pulled this bit of espionage. [Carolyn, insert link to donation page here, please]

It wasn’t my intent to make the site free, as the money does filter down to me (and sometimes our writers.) I will continue to urge everyone I know to continue writing about my last days in the States, and I apologize to any of our subscribers who just joined : They spent money where they didn’t need to. It happens. Here is the link to the members area, which is now free. That even includes my past newsletters and stories. [Carolyn, insert link to http://www.fromthewilderness.com/members]

Again, I need you to send money so that we can fix this problem. It may seem strange, but PLEASE put "I want this donation to go to Mike Ruppert" where applicable. That’s Ruppert with TWO ’P’s.

Last quick note : I will not be coming back. Even after the smoke clears. That is why I need your support. The nightlife here is just to entertaining. Sorry folks, get over it. -MCR.

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